Bring out the best in your product with our ground-breaking and sustainable DPET™ Sheet packaging solution

As the world’s first and only direct-to-sheet polyester sheet, our 100% recyclable DPET™ Sheet is one-of-a-kind. Offering exceptional quality and a significantly more eco-friendly option compared to other PET sheets available on the market, our customizable DPET™ Sheet is the ideal packaging material for products including  baked goods, produce, pre-packaged food, yoghurt, eggs and more.


Meeting liquid packaging needs as the Middle East's largest PET Resin manufacturer.

OCTAL's unique PET Resin is a high-performance, visually superior and sustainable product that sets itself apart from other PET plastic packaging materials on the market.

CrystalPack offers crystal clear packaging proven to improve product aesthetics, shelf life and environmental footprint.

Made with our pioneering DPET™ Sheet, OCTAL's CrystalPack offers a reliable, environmentally conscious and visually attractive plastic packaging solution with exceptional gloss, clarity and consistency.


Our sustainable PET protein packaging promises maximum freshness for fresh and marinated poultry and meat

OCTAL’s revolutionary protein packaging sets high standards in clear rigid food packaging. Protecting products from physical damage, preserving contents and preventing odour contamination, our customers can expect longer-lasting shelf life and happier shoppers.


100% recyclable dairy packaging that meets the dairy industry's demands for more sustainable and efficient packaging

OCTAL’s customizable and fully recyclable dairy packaging solutions for products such as Zabadi, Greek Yogurt, and Flavored Yogurt exceed all requirements in a highly regulated market. Our recyclable PET yoghurt pots in particularly, set themselves apart from existing applications which can't be recycled.


PET plastic sheet for disposable protective medical Face Shields

OCTAL’s DPET™ sheet is ideal for medical face shields owing to its excellent clarity, gloss, uniformity and scratch resistance. Offering coating and masking options, OCTAL stands ready to meet large-scale customer demand in support of frontline staff.

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Meeting the Packaging Needs of our Customers Worldwide

Here at OCTAL, customer satisfaction is a top priority. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to ensure they walk away with the ideal PET plastic packaging solution that will ensure their product stands out in the marketplace.

Serving customers worldwide, with large orders delivered within 14-18 days via road, sea and air, we work closely with them to ease their transition to our more environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient packaging solutions. Our unique palletless shipping model also seeks to help our clients save on packaging costs and reduces the risk of products being damaged in transit.

With regional sales offices in North America, Germany, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia and Oman and a highly-responsive Client Support Centre, we work closely with customers to select the ideal packaging solutions for their needs and are on hand to visit them around the world to provide dedicated after-sales support.

Fast, Worldwide Delivery
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24/7 Sales Support
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Palletless Shipping
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End-to-End Service
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“In our business, clarity/transparency is very important and the marketplace appreciates the crystal clear clarity of our products manufactured from DPET™. We have also gained 3% to 8% yield improvement when using DPET™ which translates to substantial saving across our volume.”
North America’s largest & fastest growing thermoformers
“OCTAL’s PET Resin is of high quality, consistent and in par with those of other major
international producers. Our just in time purchase policy is warranted by their efficient sales and shipping teams who are ready to intervene with prompt solutions.”
Makkah Water Company
“We have used OCTAL's DPET™ in our large-scale operations because DPET™ is the material that best delivers the features and benefits which we and our customers demand of our products. Our products are now more popular than ever, causing our business to expand so rapidly.”
A formidable player in the meat packaging segment

Championing Sustainability in the PET Packaging Industry

Here at OCTAL, we understand that eco-friendly packaging plays a huge role in how consumers interact with the products they purchase. Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do, and since 2006 we've been working closely with our customers to package their products in a more environmentally-conscious way.

Backed by our cutting-edge technology, our sustainable and 100% recyclable PET packaging solutions are proven to have a much smaller carbon footprint compared to other packaging substrates on the market. Learn more about our passion for sustainability below.

OCTAL's Environmental Leadership

OCTAL's 2018-2019
Corporate Social Responsibility Focus

OCTAL partners with ITA to develop IT skills for kids

Supporting Oman’s Table Tennis Committee

Our Work In The Community

Through the transfer of knowledge, innovative technology and the creation of jobs in sustainable rigid plastic packaging in Oman and around the globe, OCTAL is incredibly proud to create long-term value in the countries and communities we operate in. Our team also regularly engages in exciting initiatives that support the community and raise awareness about important health and environmental issues. Learn more about what we're up to below.