Company Compliance

At OCTAL SAOC, we recognize the importance of and strongly believe in strong ethical principles and good stewardship within our Business. These principles form a fundamental part of our internal procedures and employee contracts as well as placing the same requirement on our suppliers. There are a number of recognized priorities on ethical trading – including the welfare of workers in our supply chain and manufacturing and ensuring a sustainable environmental impact.

The principles and standards are written into our working documentation. In summary, we are proud to state the following key principles within OCTAL SAOC:
      • All employment is freely chosen
      • Freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining are respected.
      • Working conditions are safe and hygienic.
      • Child labor shall never be used
      • Wages are fair and comparable to national industry standards and will always meet national minimum wage legislations – as a minimum
      • Working hours are not excessive
      • No discrimination is practiced in any area of the Business
      • Regular employment is provided for all employees on a permanent contract
      • No harsh, cruel or degrading treatment or practices are allowed
      • No sexual, verbal or physical harassment of any kind is allowed
      • No bribery, corruption, bullying or blackmailing is allowed
      • No restrictions will be placed on third parties (suppliers or buyers) as a way of guaranteeing business.

Sharing audit data

OCTAL is an active participant in SEDEX (Supplier Ethical Data Exchange) and has been independently audited against recognized standards on ethical working practices. This web-based system encourages businesses to share data on labour standards at production sites, avoiding duplication of assessments.
According to CalOPPA we agree to the following:

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Issued by:          Nicholas P. Barakat, CEO

Date:                  16th December 2014