PET Packaging - Dairy

OCTAL's Dairy Packaging is 100% recyclable and not only meets but exceeds the strict requirements set by the dairy industry.

Suitable for dairy applications such as Zabadi, Greek Yogurt, and Flavored Yogurt, OCTAL's high-quality PET packaging is not only resistant to cracking when handled and processed, but provides the ideal moisture and oxygen transmission for live cultured dairy products.

Eco-conscious consumers will also find that OCTAL's fully recyclable dairy packaging sets your product apart from others. For example, unlike traditional yogurt pots, which feature non-recyclable aluminium lids, our PET lids make the entire product 100% recyclable. OCTAL’s yogurt pots offer superior break resistance, high gloss on both surfaces, and longer shelf life compared to competitors.

At OCTAL, we understand that the need for consistent quality and hygiene across plastic food packaging shouldn’t come at the expense of visual appeal. We have taken this commitment a step further to meet the specific food packaging needs of our dairy producers and requirements set by regulators. To this end, we've worked hand-in-hand with the largest single site dairy in the world to upgrade their packaging footprint.  Through their transition to OCTAL’s PET from the traditional packaging material (HIPS) they were able to improve their production efficiency and reduce their sourcing costs.    With a decade of market understanding and superb design capabilities OCTAL is positioned to offer optimized packaging solutions to its customers’ new product lines and growth opportunities.


Dairy Packaging Product Lines

DPET® Sheet

OCTAL's DPET® Sheet is suitable for applications such as bakery, produce, pre-packaged food, yoghurt, egg trays; consumer products.

The unique technology behind OCTAL's patented DPET® Sheet allows for a better quality product. With 3% to 8% more resin in deep corners and fine features, more complex packaging designs are able to be achieved by Thermoformers. DPET Sheet also hosts an array of superior mechanical and visual properties, including resistance to cracking, rigidity for hang tab applications, superior gloss, high clarity and unmatched uniformity. Cutting energy consumption by 65% during its manufacturing phase and delivered through OCTAL's palletless shipping model, it has the lowest carbon footprint than any competing virgin material.

Yogurt / Zabadi Cups

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Printed and white cups available in:

  • 400g Yogurt Cup
  • 170g Yogurt Cup
  • 150g Yogurt Cup
  • 100g Yogurt Cup

Dairy Lids

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Lids available for:

  • 400g Yogurt Cup
  • 170g Yogurt Cup
  • 150g Yogurt Cup
  • 100g Yogurt Cup

Dairy trays

No items found.

Trays available for:

  • 400g Yogurt Cup
  • 170g Yogurt Cup
  • 150g Yogurt Cup
  • 100g Yogurt Cup

Cluster trays

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Our range of cluster trays enable dairy companies to create a transport efficient system resulting in a less greenhouse gas emissions and reduction in food waste.
Cluster trays are available for:

  • 100ml bottles
  • 120ml bottles

Custom tailored solutions

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OCTAL’s team is at hand to provide you with custom-tailored dairy solutions resulting in cost benefits and exceeding sustainability and performance needs of dairy farms.

DPET® Sheet for
Face Shields

In support of our valued healthcare and frontline workers globally, OCTAL supplies clear PET plastic sheet for disposable protective medical Face Shields. Our proprietary DPET® sheet is the purest form of polyester (APET) sheet on the market with superior gloss, high visual clarity, scratch resistance and unmatched uniformity. Thanks to supply of large volumes, backward integration and dependable logistics, OCTAL is able to support large-scale customer demand.

Customers can opt for:
· Antifog coating
   · Silicone coating
   · With or without masking

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Product Certifications
  • This product complies with the requirements of:
  • BRC Global Standard for Packaging and Packaging Materials
  • Ministry of Health, Oman
  • CONEG Regulations (USA/CANADA)
  • Dutch Warenwet I (Plastics)
  • EU Regulation 10/2011
  • EC Directive 94/62/EC for heavy metal content
  • European Pharmacopoeia 6.3 Chapter EP 3.1.15
  • German BFR Recommendation XVII
  • ISO 9001:2008
  • ISO 14001:2004
  • Kosher compliance
  • OHSAS 18001:2007
  • REACH regulation EC/1907/2006
  • USA FDA CFR 21 section 177.1630
  • MS 2565:2014 Halal Packaging General Guidelines
“In our business, clarity/transparency is very important and the marketplace appreciates the crystal clear clarity of our products manufactured from DPET®. We have also gained 3% to 8% yield improvement when using DPET® which translates to substantial saving across our
North America’s largest & fastest growing thermoformers
“OCTAL’s PET Resin is of high quality, consistent and in par with those of other major
international producers. Our just in time purchase policy is warranted by their efficient sales and shipping teams who are ready to intervene with prompt solutions.”
Makkah Water Company
“We have used OCTAL's DPET® in our large-scale operations because DPET® is the material that best delivers the features and benefits which we and our customers demand of our products. Our products are now more popular than ever, causing our business to expand so rapidly.”
A formidable player in the meat packaging segment

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OCTAL warrants its products compliance to quality specifications and related regulatory requirements specified in detail in its publications. No other warranty, either expressed or implied, regarding the suitability of the product for any particular purpose is made.